October - Week 2

- Spent Thursday with a friend. We had pho and walked the river and high street. I picked up a wooden worm from the bookstore for Linc and he’s been obsessed with it ever since.  

- We visited a pumpkin patch. I’ve never been to one before, so this was a new experience for me. I loved it. Linc loved it. Ron loved it. We bought a family of pumpkins. Odd ones. Pretty ones. Small ones and a big one with a wonky stalk.  

- It rained over the weekend, so we went to the mall and cruised around window shopping. Ron bought a book on sleep. We picked up ingredients to make shabu shabu and I read my book before bed.  

October - Week 1

- The sleep training marches on. It usually takes him 2 hours to sleep without milk, but now when he does sleep, it’s all the way through till around 6-7am. I’m praying he can keep up with this, and maybe if we’re lucky, fight a little less when going to sleep. Fingers crossed. 

- We got our Indefinite Leave to remain approved! We spent Friday down in Croydon waiting, taking new photos and doing biometrics. I still can’t believe we’ve lived here for 6 years! 

-  Hung out at Selfridges on Saturday since it was raining. They already have a section of Christmas decorations up. We got Linc a stocking with a felt letter L sewed on, had a coffee in the cafeteria and drove home in TRAFFIC. At least we got to see Southbank and the London Eye from the car. I’ve seen it a ton of times, but it’s always nice to see. Coming from a tiny little island town, I feel very grateful to be able to experience life here in London. 

- Drove to the countryside and had Sunday roast, then walked the gardens and fed Linc by the river. The water was so pretty and glassy, reflecting the tall yellow trees that line the Thames. Perfect afternoon. Linc loves being outside, seeing new things.

Southend on sea

We bowled in one of the game shops lining the main strip. I sat a moment, imagining the crowds during summer. The ice cream and sandals. The amusement park and its random smells wafting over the gates. Candy floss and rollercoasters.

Today the streets are quiet. We stop and have fish and chips and then drive home with the heater on. Toes defrosting to Air - Le voyage dans la lune.

September - week 4

What can I say about this week? It’s been one of the more challenging weeks for me. I’m trying to transition Linc to finger foods and foods with a bit more texture, but he’s not into textured foods (at all. Not even little puffs or biscuits!) and can’t keep lumpy foods down at all. Doc says it could be a sensitive gag reflex and to keep at it. Linc’s also going through a lot of developmental changes, with learning how to crawl, stand and pull up. His sleep has been horrible and sometimes he wakes 5x a night demanding food. We’re trying to stick through it and sleep train without letting him completely cry it out. It’s rough.

A lot going on, lately. 


In a more positive light:

- Autumn is here. Regent’s Park at the weekend was lovely. The light was perfect and the leaves have begun to fall.  

-  Spending slow days with Linc. Listening to music. Trying new foods. Going for chilly walks. Learning how to clap, stand, pull up, cruise, wave.

- I tried cupping, accupressure and acupuncture on Sunday. All in one sitting! I definitely recommend it! No massage has ever loosened my back muscles like cupping and acupuncture has. I’m impressed and happy I allowed Ron to force me into it.  




Everyday moments from summer. Heat waves. Inflatable pools. Linc’s hate for tummy time. Barbecues. Weaning and purées. It was a good, slow summer.