I have so many photos taken over the past year that I want to share. I'm going to start from the beginning of Spring from when we visited Switzerland.

I hadn't travelled much in 2015, so we used some of Ron's ever-growing airline miles and booked a trip to Wengen, Switzerland on a whim. Travelling by train in Switzerland is probably one of my favourite things about living in Europe. I usually stay awake the entire trip and find myself staring out into the vast rolling hills and endless fields of wildflowers and farm animals until my neck is sore.

Pt. 1 

Film | 35mm | Contax G2


Ron turned a year older yesterday. We found some time in the early evening to have dinner at his favourite Japanese restaurant in Mayfair. The moon was bright, stuck between the cracks of brick homes. It looked suspended in a mix of indigo and admiral blue, way, way up there. 


We ate shabu shabu and drank sake, then drove home with the radio off and I stayed awake until dawn because of the heat. Ron left to NY this morning and I was still awake listening to the birds chirp, thinking randomly about the beginning of spring and the day we walked through canola fields and had drinks under yellow trees in our winter coats.

A few images from last autumn. Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest September day in 50 years and I'm not sure I'm ready for it. 

Autumn is slowly sneaking its way back in. Even with this high humidity, all the signs are starting to show. Falling leaves, crisp, sharp light in the mornings and evenings right before twilight. September to me is a bittersweet, transitional time of year and I always feel a little sad to see it go, especially this year for some reason.


These photos are from this past winter, when a group of us stayed in the countryside for a last minute weekend away. Megan and I spent around 3 hours sitting in the pool and by the time we got out, all of my fingers were wrinkled up. That same night we played Monopoly after a long dinner and deep conversation and I still remember my tiny lemon dessert stick that bursted with flavour. On the morning we left, everyone went horse back riding but I couldn’t ride so I walked around the hotel grounds and took these photos instead.