Winter has been so slow and quiet. 

I've been unplugging from it all lately and trying to reconnect with simple pleasures again. 

Listening to music. Playing the piano. Appreciating the changes in light around the flat. Being present.

My mom is coming to Europe for the first time in her life at the beginning of March. I have a whole trip planned for her, starting with fish and chips, The British Museum and Stonehenge's inner circle tour at sunrise. I can't explain just how happy I am to know I'm about to see this woman in the flesh. In London. In my flat! 

Just a few more weeks. 

It's been really hard to feel anything other than confusion and detachment lately with everything going on in my life and the world. 

I have to remind myself to breathe and appreciate the good in my surroundings, but also know that it's okay to feel vulnerable and afraid sometimes.  

In an attempt to decompress, I went through scans and found these photos from a day in October when we drove out to the countryside. I'm currently living in this memory tonight, feeling the autumn sunlight on my face and subtle river breeze in my hair.

We spent some time out in the Swedish countryside this past Spring and rented a little cabin at the very end of a long winding forest trail. Our plan was to come here and relax for a few days. Most of our time was spent listening to music, reading by candlelight, talking and cooking.


I'm going back to Gothenburg next week. Looking forward to Swedish Meatballs and spending some time on the weekend sitting by the water again. It's one of my most favourite things to do when i'm there.  

35mm | Contax G2