Winter has been so slow and quiet. 

I've been unplugging from it all lately and trying to reconnect with simple pleasures again. 

Listening to music. Playing the piano. Appreciating the changes in light around the flat. Being present.

My mom is coming to Europe for the first time in her life at the beginning of March. I have a whole trip planned for her, starting with fish and chips, The British Museum and Stonehenge's inner circle tour at sunrise. I can't explain just how happy I am to know I'm about to see this woman in the flesh. In London. In my flat! 

Just a few more weeks. 

Right after arriving in Wengen by train, we checked into our chalet which rested on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Lauterbrunnen Valley. 

A memory I enjoy travelling back to from time to time, is waking up early to make coffee and watching the clouds fill, then drain slowly out of the valley. It rained for most of the trip, but on the day we arrived, the light bounced around and filled the trees with a muted, soft glow. Even the shadows were dull and seemingly fragile.

Pt II.

Film | 35mm | Contax G2